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Supermon is your assistant in personal and family income and expense record keeping and administration. You can easily monitor and administer finance flow in your family, you can have clear overview and find out who spends more money on something and who, on the contrary, contributes more. You can also plan your monthly budget and subsequently monitor how you are stuck to this budget on graphic indicators. The application contains very extensive and really unique possibilities of statistics depiction through transparent charts or well-arranged tables. It is possible to display virtually any reports depicting your economic activities. Of course, it is possible to backup your database or export your data to files.

When preparing this application we put special emphasis on features such as simplicity, comprehensibility, users’ comfort, functionality and graphic clarity, which we lacked in other applications. In case of Supermon you know immediately where something is, how to get to the screen you require and you will not be surprised by appearance or meaning of any elements or application operation. The use is really simple and intuitive. We also intentionally got rid of all the unnecessary stuff which we found useless and confusing.:-) However, it is not impossible, on the basis of the feedback from the users, to put some of the matters back into the application or add some new ones.

Some of the features on which the emphasis was:

We also took into consideration that some users use devices with older version of the Android system and we gradually reworked the application to be supported by 2.2 (Froyo) version and higher.


Economic indicators screen
Main menu
List of transactions
Pie chart with expenses by categories
Bar chart with the balance by participants
Bar chart with the account state at the end of each month
Bar chart with the fulfillment of planned budgets
Table depicting the balance by categories
List of periodic transactions

Necessary permissions

Internet access

As the sophisticated correcting of potential mistakes is a part of the application too, it is appropriate for us – the authors of the application to know about these potential faults. If a mistake arises in the application, you – the users will be able to decide whether you want to or do not want to send us automatically generated description of this fault. If you decide to send it, the message will be sent to our servers via the internet and we will be able to analyze and rectify particular complications. The application does not connect to the Internet in any other cases!

SD card access

It is possible to make a backup of your data in the application. It is not necessary to explain how important it is to make a backup. If you do not want to lose your data, make a backup, make a backup and once more make a backup. Supermon application enables you to make a backup of your data on SD card of your device, for which authorization is required.

Vertical and horizontal orientation

Vertical as well as horizontal orientation of the screen is fully supported by the application.

Version of application

Actual version of the application is

History of versions

News in the version

News in the version

News in the version

News in the version

News in the version

News in the following versions

We are currently working on other tweaks that make work with the application Supermon easier. Here is a list of several of them:

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